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Located at Rhine Creek Farm in Northwest Indiana

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At Amity Patch, we follow a fairly set routine for choosing mini rex rabbits that will be retained in our herd and/or offered for sale. First, we raise our litters in the healthiest manner possible. At weaning time, 8 weeks, we complete our first evaluation of the litter. We do not evaluate rabbits before 8 weeks of age. Any rabbits with major or noticeable faults are not considered for retention or sales unless a buyer has requested any available stock for sale. Rabbits that look promising may either be retained or offered for sale at this time depending on what we need for our personal herd. In some litters we do not retain any for grow out while in other litters we might retain all of the kits for grow out.

Any mini rex kits retained from weaned litters are put in our grow out program. We do not typically look at them again until they are 12 weeks of age because of the awkward growth stages rabbits go through. At 12 weeks, we reevaluate the litter. At this time, we only keep young mini rex that we like the best and need in our herd across all litters of similar age. We then offer what we are not keeping for sale provided that they have not developed any unacceptable or noticeable faults.

As the retained rabbits age, we continue to evaluate what traits we need most in our breeding program. Because we have limited space, we are always making tough choices; we sell many rabbits we would love to keep if we had unlimited space. We do not mind offering quality rabbits for sale that we do not need in our herd. Remember, all judges stress different characteristics on the show table. Rabbits here are evaluated according to the type that we prefer in our herd. There are multiple styles of quality mini rex rabbits offered from numerous herds across the country. In part, you will need to decide what style you prefer.

Please understand that if you are buying junior stock we cannot guarantee how stock will finish out as seniors. This is part of the challenge of raising rabbits for all breeders. There are numerous variables that contribute to how a rabbit develops, some are controlled by the genetics, some are controlled by the environment. I have retained rabbits for myself that do not turn out, and I have retained rabbits that are questionable who turn out to be fabulous. With that said, Amity Patch has sold many class, variety, breed, 4­class, and BIS winners over the years, and we plan to continue this trend. Amity Patch considers your success our success.

Aside from litters, we also sell breeding animals as well. Again, due to limited space, we must offer breeding animals for sale as they are replaced by our babies. If an animal has been used in breeding here, we consider it to have outstanding characteristics. Purchasing a breeding animal will often yield some of your best show stock.

Please feel free to ask questions. We always offer an honest evaluation, according to our standards, for buyers.

Happy breeding!


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If you are not on Facebook but wish to inquire about rabbits for sale, please email Be sure to include specifics about what you are looking for.