Amity Patch Rabbitry

Located at Rhine Creek Farm in Northwest Indiana

(219) 851-1330


Mini Rex Bucks


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Amity Patch Heart of Gold

1 leg BOV Specialty win

Redelman's Jaw x VH's Even Better

Super dense coat, deep, and balanced animal


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Amity Patch Rambo


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Redelman's Jaw


Redelman's Heat x Redelman's Blast


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Bigg's Mario

Redelman's R575 (18 legs) x Redelman's R914

This is a super old man who is far past prime...but he is willing to pass his genes on!


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Scotcha's R7P


To view current news and rabbits for sale, please request membership to the Facebook group “Amity Patch Sales and News”

If you are not on Facebook but wish to inquire about rabbits for sale, please email Be sure to include specifics about what you are looking for.