Amity Patch Rabbitry

Located at Rhine Creek Farm in Northwest Indiana

(219) 851-1330


Amity Patch Rabbitry

Superior quality is our number one priority!

Amity Patch offers Black, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Broken, Otter, REW, Himalayan, and Smoke Pearl.


Amity Patch Rabbitry is dedicated to producing and selling top quality mini rex rabbits.


Amity Patch Rabbitry was first established in 2001, and developed a nationally competitive mini rex herd. This herd was sold out in 2005. Our rabbitry was reestablished in 2009. We bred nationally competitive Havanas, as well as other breeds, for some time. After trying several breeds, we came back to mini rex, our true love. We now breed mini rex exclusively, and fully plan to keep it that way. We have invested an extraordinary amount of time and effort into rebuilding our herd to its former quality. Thanks to many fabulous breeders, we are finally ready to reenter the mini rex world on a more serious basis. Amity Patch is so appreciative of their willingness to sell stellar stock to us! Looking forward to working with old mini rex friends as well as new ones too!


To view current news and rabbits for sale, please request membership to the Facebook group “Amity Patch Sales and News”

If you are not on Facebook but wish to inquire about rabbits for sale, please email Be sure to include specifics about what you are looking for.