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Our Feedback-Just a sample

We truly value the customers that buy from our rabbitry! Thank you to all of our buyers!

The highest compliment that we can receive are messages like the following:


The article below was written by Michael Duprey and published in the Havana Newsletter- (this was very sweet and caused me to tear up a bit!)

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Dear Havana Breeder friends, My name is Michael Duprey and I am 11 years old. For those of you who do not know who I am, I’m a youth breeder who breeds blue, broken, and soon black Havanas. I am very excited to share some great news with everyone. My blue Havana doe named Champaign toast received BOB in both class A and class B at the ISRBA convention held on September 8 and 9th. In addition this little doe placed first in fur in both classes. I must admit, I could not have done this alone without the help of a few amazing people in my life. I want to thank Andrea Childress for giving me such a wonderful rabbit and a great start. She is always willing to answer any of my questions from genetics to care. I also want to thank my parents for driving me all over town to each show and helping me stay organized. Lastly, I would like to thank my 4-H leader Kris and Paul Mathy who taught me the basics through their workshops and anyone else that I ran into with questions. Michael Duprey



"Hi Andrea, Just wanted to let you know that Apple Pie, the bkn choc havana doe I got from you (At Convention), has turned out to be the nicest Havana in the barn. I took her to a double show and she won 2 legs for BOV. She now has a litter of nine, bkn chocs, bkn blacks and chocs. Thanks for such a nice doe." Brad YAY BRAD!

"Well we did even better today, another BOV for Tanzi and a BOV and BOB for Razor! The judge really liked Razor, he said I could get rid of my other bucks and just breed to Razor and i would have a better herd for it! He said he could be used to fix just about anything!" Kate (AMITY'S TANZI-BLUE DOE, AMITY'S RAZORBACK-BKN BUCK) YAY KATE!!!

From some of my favorite customers (their doe won a Best 4-class)! Thanks for your confidence in me!



Hi Andrea, It's your biggest fans from Greencastle,IN. We were wondering if you could keep us in mind for 2-4 Havanas for 4-H this year. Any variety, any sex maybe about 6-9 months old for showing in July/August. Do you have any offspring left from your black doe Dark Angel? We did well with the doe we purchased from one of her litters from last year. We would also be interested in blues if you have good luck with your litters this month. Like the looks of your new website and the addition of mini-rex is also exciting! Anyway, please keep in touch. Thanks, Jody

Great news for a great rabbit Driver won Bos at the MSRBA fall show A in east Lansing. Thanks for selling me this great havana black buck. Thanks Doug

AND- (granted...not the best pics of how beautiful these bunnies were)



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Amity's Oriole Song - BOB MSU out of over 200 rabbits

4 legs

A huge thank you to Andrea for this tremendous doe! Oriole is out of Kado and Oleander. She has had a more positive impact on our herd than any other doe in the barn. She is my favorite doe!


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11 legs - 8 BOB, 2 BOSB, 1 Best 4 Class, 1 Best in Show!

He is one of our very first rabbits, and he has turned out to be one of the best. His show record speaks for itself! He has super depth, and is extremely well-balanced. He also seems to be extremely well-balanced. He also seems to be "Sug" is our first Best In Show winner. He has now retired, but is having fun fathering half the rabbits in passing his good traits on to his babies. Thanks "Sug" is our first Best In Show winner. He has now again Andrea!


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