Amity Patch Rabbitry

Located at Rhine Creek Farm in Northwest Indiana

(219) 851-1330


About Us

ARBA rabbit registrar #993


Our mission at Amity Patch Rabbitry is to produce, show, and sell excellent quality mini rex rabbits. To achieve this goal, we have invested only in excellent mini rex bloodlines. We strive to keep our herd healthy and happy.

We have worked with numerous breeds over the years before coming back to my true love­ mini rex rabbits.

Over the years, our rabbits have won numerous Best of Breeds, Best 4­classes, and Best in Show titles for both us and our buyers. We have worked with many different breeds and have done well with them. Some notable wins include: 1st place open junior Florida white buck 2012 ARBA Convention, multiple RIS wins with Belgian hares, multiple Best 4­class and Best in Show wins with Havanas, Best in Show and Best 4­class wins with tans, and a Best 4­class win with a Himalayan.

Where did it begin?

I, Andrea, have been raising rabbits since I was a child in 4H. Over the years, I have been active in showing in open class at American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) shows. When I was more actively showing (life was a little less crazy), my rabbit herd held top placings in quality points rankings. In fact, at one point, I held the number three spot in quality points with half the number of shows of the breeders placing above us (right before I sold out). Our rabbits have also won numerous top placements at national level shows. At non­national shows, we have won countless BOB and BOSB placings in all of the rabbit breeds we have worked with over the years. We have also won multiple Best 4­class and Best in Shows; so have many of the rabbits we have sold!

Even though we can't attend as many rabbit shows as we did in the past, we still adhere to the same high breeding and culling standards that we always have. We ONLY use superior rabbits in our breeding program because we believe quality rabbits produce quality offspring.

We have worked with numerous breeds over the years, and we have found success with all of them. However, my true love has always been mini rex rabbits, so we are back in the mini rex world for good. Even though Amity Patch only breeds mini rex, we are always willing to provide advice on other breeds we have experience in breeding.


To view current news and rabbits for sale, please request membership to the Facebook group “Amity Patch Sales and News”

If you are not on Facebook but wish to inquire about rabbits for sale, please email Be sure to include specifics about what you are looking for.